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The wine list

The fame of our winery is undoubtedly due to its size and location, i.e. within the prestigious walls of the former stables of Palazzo Gangi. The building is known for the famous dance scene from Luchino Visconti’s film “The Leopard”. The wine list is definitely our strong point: it offers hundreds of labels and wines selected over the years.


We have always paid particular attention to the Sicilian reality, but we are not limited to this. We are seekers of elite wines from all over the world. The prestigious cellar is personally supervised by the brothers Andrea and Alberto Rizzo: we will be able to take you along a reasoned itinerary of food and wine combinations. Currently, it has a total of more than 650 labels, which you can easily consult by clicking here.


The Osteria dei Vespri cellar was born before 1999
Thanks to his passion for good wine, already in the early 90s, Alberto involves his brother Andrea who thus begin to make their way into the world of Sicilian catering. Their first experience in the field of catering takes place within the family club, the current Tennis Club Palermo 2.

Check out the wine list
The wine list
From timeless classics, to wines with the barrique of the 90s.
From the famous “fruit wine” of Maronian memory, to the natural and biodynamic wines of today.

Wine bar with kitchen

They are among the first in those years to organize wine-themed events and tasting courses
Of course, as with wine, their passion for the world of food and wine is also aimed at the study of quality raw materials and good food. When the restaurant of the tennis club began to feel close to the brothers, they decided to bet on the historic center of Palermo, thus taking over the ancient “Trattoria dei Vespri” in 1999, today Osteria dei Vespri.
In 1999 the Osteria dei Vespri initially opened as an “Enoteca con cucina”, with wine therefore in the foreground, but with a constantly growing cuisine coinciding with the so-called “Spring of Palermo”, during which the Palermitans had the opportunity to repossess the historic center.
That period marked the rebirth of the Palermo historic center
Thanks to which started the cultural ferment that today leads our city to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Thirty years of experience in the field means that the wine list is the result of a very careful selection of labels that represent, not only the various territories, but the different styles of those who make wine. A wine chronology with the best testimonials of the trends that have taken place over the years The wine list brings together a variety of wine trends and fashions: from timeless classics, to wines with the evident barrique of the 90s, to the famous “fruit wine” of Maronian memory, up to today’s natural and biodynamic wines. The Osteria dei Vespri offers its patrons the possibility of drawing on a cellar whose wide selection of wines is set up with the intention of representing the wine-producing realities of the whole national territory. It is natural that particular attention is paid to the production in Sicily, without neglecting some incursions into the most significant areas of the rest of the world. The common thread in the selection of these references is essentially the idea of proposing wines belonging to all production types.