Quick history

At Piazza Croce dei Vespri, restored to its ancient splendor with the restoration of the column and Palazzo Bonet, seat of the Civic Gallery of Modern Art, in the setting of the princely Palazzo Gangi is the Osteria dei Vespri.
In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in the heart of old Palermo that comes back to life, the best traditions of conviviality are renewed.
The cuisine, inspired by the enhancement of local products, with frequent incursions into the vast pool of specialties from the rest of the world, is entrusted to Alberto Rizzo, whose gastronomic inspiration is characterized by a substantial “openness” in the search for techniques and combinations.
The vast “strong” cellar of hundreds of labels, offers selected wines of the best Italian producers, with particular attention to the Sicilian reality and some foreign proposals, and is personally supervised by Andrea and Alberto Rizzo, who will lead you along a reasoned eno approach itinerary -gastronomico.