Creamed cod, saline capers, date confit, black olives, “biancolilla” oil  10,00

Marinated and home-smoked pork fillet, red onion, mustard mayonnaise, bitter orange jam  12,00

Gratin hot Tuma cheese, with Aspra anchovies, oregano, lemon scent 8,00

Creamy white beans, curry, seared squid, its black sauce, diced tomatoes copper 12,00

Pasta dishes

Pappardelle pasta, “tenerumi” (gourd), Palermitan long courgette, ginger, homemade smoked mackerel 12,00

Anelletti sicilian  (small ring pasta) with octopus ragout “maiolino”, Nero d’Avola, wild fennel, saffron 12,00

Calamarata (large ring pasta) with blue fish, tomato, “badda” beans, basil, fresh mint 10,00

Ravioli stuffed with baked ricotta, fried courgette from Palermo, lemon, basil, biancolilla oil, tuna bottarga 12,00


Swordfish rolls, stuffed with almonds flavored with orange, Sican flower, bay leaf, sauteed scalora 16,00

Mixed fried fish of the day, tartar sauce, grilled potatoes  14,00/16,00

Millefeuille of aubergines, smoked provola, grandma’s tomato sauce, fresh basil, parmesan wafer, black olive powder 12,00

Genoese courgettes, sausage filling, DOP ragusano cheese fondue, porcini mushrooms 12,00

…with summer black truffle 14,00


Mandarin rice cream, wild berry gratin, pistachio crumble 8,00

Hazelnut wafer of Nebrodi with Gangi ricotta, lemon and cinnamon scent, chocolate Guanaja Valrhona, sour syrup with milk shake 8,00

Hot cassatella, Gangi ricotta cheese, chocolate and lemon 6,00

Apple tart and amaretti biscuits, banana chantilly cream, saffron 8,00